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Donation Guidlines

The Museum will collect items that are relevant to its purposes which relate to Boone County history and development, providing that they meet one or more of the criteria listed below. This includes items made in, used in, or materials that reflect present day or historic Boone County.


Criteria for donation:

Object(s) must be revelant to and consistent with the purpose and activities of the Society.

Acquisitions will be aquired through donations.

The Society shall provide for the storage, protection and preservation of the objects.

Item(s) will have permanency in the collection as long as they retain their physical integrity, their identity and their authenticity and/or as long as they remain useful for the purposes of the Society.

All moral, legal and ethical implications of the acquisition must have been considered.

All donations of materials are considered outright and unconditional gifts to be used at the discretion of hte Society. Title to all objects aquired including copyright where applicable, shall be free and clear, without restriction to use or furute disposition.

The Society does not appraise or authenticate objects offered as gifts.

The Society shall refuse to aquire materials and objects which there is cause to believe that the circumstances of their collection involved needless destruction of historic sites, buildings, structures, habitats, districts and or objects. No material of objects shall be knowingly accepted or aquired which are known to have been illegally collected in the United States contrary to the state and or federal law, regulations, treaty and or conventions.

We ask that any photographs being donated are identified.

We ask that any item being donated is accompanied by provenance, if possible, as they have more meaning if a history is accompanied.